Cotatiís heritage tree alive and well

Just a year ago, Cotati’s rare chimera albino redwood tree came under siege when SMART declared they were going to cut down the natural marvel because it was too close to the track of the new Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit. However, because of the persistence of Cotati Historian Prue Draper and Arborist Tom Stapleton, the community was able to... Read More

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Sonoma County property tax assessment hits record high
By Rebecca Wachsberg

Clerk-Recorder-Assessor William F. Rousseau announces the 2015-16 property tax revenue in at $76.59 billion, a 6.9 percent increase from previous year

After several years of recovery in the local real estate market, the... Read More

Eight Ball bar receives Red Sox mural
By Devin Marshall

Cotati artist Dillon Hamilton painted a mural for the Eight Ball bar, which was completed July 2. Most patrons like it, but a few are a little upset. 

His painting features a scoreboard... Read More