Women vets and their long journey home

Many Americans don’t realize it, but one out of every five new military recruits in the United States is a woman—and 2.5 million veterans are women.

Women in the military today are exposed to the same rigors of combat and the daily threat of wartime violence as their male counterparts, yet their transition from military to civilian life is often very... Read More

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New year time to recharge career

According to some career experts, the holiday season or any quiet time at work is a good time to plan, organize, reflect on where you are in your career and where you would like... Read More

Binge-watching a new holiday tradition

Whether it's "Elf," "Miracle on 34th Street" or "Christmas Vacation," it seems that everyone has a favorite holiday movie or TV special they've made a part of their holiday traditions. 

According to a recent... Read More

Yoga tips to help keep you stress-free and calm

Life can be stressful. Whether it’s our jobs, family, relationships, holiday craziness, mishaps or finances—stress can be there. But we CAN manage it. Whether it’s simple measures you take daily to reduce your stress... Read More

The newest pets for children these days are digital

It started with the Boomers. A science experiment in schools to teach students responsibility, (or a simple scare tactic), known as The Pet Egg. Many actually enjoyed caring for their eggs, and the Pet... Read More

Purchasing cheap office supplies could be draining your pocketbook

Anyone who thinks of a printer’s toner cartridge as a mere vessel might be surprised to learn that it’s actually a critical component of the device itself.

Inside that cartridge, toner is a marvel... Read More

Three things NOT to do in 2015

It is not surprising that most New Year’s resolutions revolve around health and financial matters, two areas that emerged as key priorities for Americans in Northwestern Mutual’s 2014 Planning and Progress Study. The study... Read More