Breathing life into your old personal computer

If your PC is slow when you run games, applications and your browser, there’s good news. You can easily breathe new life into your old PC for free, and avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a new one.

Baidu PC Faster is designed to clean up your computer, manage updates and boost your Internet speed with a single click of a... Read More

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How to deal with ramifications of a loved one’s stroke
By Julie Ann Anderson

A client recently brought me in to help her navigate her and her husband’s home care needs. Her husband had a big stroke, broke his hip and had a pacemaker put in all in... Read More

Life’s hardest question: Why’s it hard to change?
By Steven Campbell

So, why is it so hard to change? Of all the questions I’m asked in my seminars and classes, this is asked the most, especially by people with longer life experiences (also called “seniors”... Read More

The Sportsman’s Report
By Bill Hanson

By Bill Hanson

Saturday afternoon, a lovely couple from Rohnert Park was sitting on the bench at the Korbel train station. They were showing relatives from Maine some of the best of Sonoma County.

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