Monte Vista Elementary Student Builders for Oct. 14

Matthew Henry, Cameron Hadiputra, Austin Gridley, Lucas De Simas, Brooke Castellanos, Mariah Humphreys, Braydon Paulson, Dylan Watson, Kahlil Jones, Ella Brokaw, Lexi Johnson, Jaqueline Norris, Carlitos Morellon Anderson, Essie Bejar Leal, Kayden Stedman, Kayla Mast, Melania Massey, Edgar Rodriguez Dominguez, Jude Ussery, Hailey Leyian, Grishma Lamichhane, Elizabeth Ergenbright and Heather McClella.

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Waldo Intermediate Lifeskill leaders for the week of Oct. 20
By Jane Peleti

Karina de los Santos Garcia, Jesus Estrella, Xochitl Garcia, Anthony Garcia, Catherine Pena, Gael Amador, Khansa Tarig, Nato O’Leal, Jonathon Vasquez, Ricardo Espinoza and Jane Vargas.

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John Reed Elementary Citizens of the week for Oct. 14
By Robert Grant

Annabella Mendonca, Benjy Perez Hernandez, Jessenia Hernandez, Ariana Contreras, Chelsea Flores Tapia, Vanessa Vasquez Hernandez, Riley Palm, Lizeth Torres, Sebastian Cavillo Soriano, Kenya Farias Gomez, Octavio Rivas Dominguez, Christopher Gutierrez Pacheco and Leah Silva.

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Rabies can be as deadly as Ebola if not treated properly
By Mickey Zeldes

Which scares you more, Ebola or rabies? Ebola is certainly frightening, and an unknown. There’s no vaccine yet or cure. But, about 50 percent of people affected survive. Rabies has been around for a... Read More