Love is in the Air

Do you feel it?  Love is definitely in the air.  Not only is this weekend Valentine’s Day, but it’s also an adoption special at the Shelter.  Why sit alone Sunday, sad and lonely, envious of everyone else (so the media wants you to believe) that is happy and full of love?  When for the low price of just $25 you... Read More

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Found animals


1/22/16 160051 Terrier mix Wht/Brn Male Young Adult


Cats and other small animals

1/20/16     160045    Lionhead rabbit         Wht/Brn  ... Read More

John Reed Citizens of the Week for February 2, 2016


Evie Yanagi, Trinity Sebastian, Garrett Tucker, Xitlaly Centeno Sanchez, Ariana Meza Lezama, Carlos Gergorio Ramirez, Henry Ornelas Altamirano, Kevin Arroyo, Valeria Carreno, Amanda Vizzuett, Obed Gomez Lira, Christopher Jauregui Rodriguez and Alexa Magana.... Read More

Monte Vista Student Builders for February 2, 2016

Giovanni Sanchez Romero, Julia Laguinto, Nicolas Moline, Jade Gonzalez Nicoll, Paola Arroyo Sanchez, Chris Urbanski, Michelle Gutierrez Mendoza, Ben Samuelson, Ava Milus, Sophiea Sanchez, Jeremiah Bishop, Shelbie Gonet, Adrian Arteaga Lopez, Kyle Frechette... Read More

Marguerite Hahn Lifeskill Awards for Primary Students (kindergarten through 2nd grade) for the month of January

Cooper Jackson, Marshall Lemons, Austin McGrath, Colton Kinerk, Anthony Oliver, Jacob Hartsough, Vito Militello, Luke Morie, Gonzalo Diaz Arenas, Emma Groszek, Lexie Bartlow, Angelena Daulton, Sean Huanca, Mustafa Arnous, Nick Swan, Jayden Billings,... Read More