Companionship an antidote to seniors’ holiday blues
Spotlight on Seniors

Depression during the holidays is not uncommon for anyone who has lost loved ones and longs for days gone by when unique traditions, reunions and rituals were a rich part of life.

I notice that around the holidays I think more about family and friends who have passed on, and I recognize that some people get a little depressed, particularly after... Read More

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Giving thanks this holiday season
By George Malkemus


Thanksgiving is a time for family, giving thanks and reflection.   Thanks and giving, two important words to live by.   Giving thanks for our abundance, life and family.  We are blessed to... Read More

Being thankful is the best way to be
By Steven Campbell


Thanksgiving is upon us... already.

You know, dear reader, it’s interesting…Thanksgiving was instituted by Abraham Lincoln in the middle of the Civil War, a war in which more soldiers died (602,000) than ALL... Read More