Friendship among the elderly proves vitally important

Sometimes it seems everything your doctor orders for good health could be unpleasant, painful or plain boring. But there’s one prescription that is enjoyable for most of us, it might even save your brain. It’s socializing!

Having a social network that is face to face has been found to extend life, the quality of life and help reduce the risk of... Read More

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Periodontal disease starts painlessly, so donít wait
By George Malkemus

If you've been skipping regular dental checkups because you don't have any tooth pain, beware: you may have periodontal disease and not even feel it.

Your gums and jawbone are just as important as... Read More

Point of the week

This point along the Liver Meridian (the circulation pathway in Chinese Medicine that assists with emotional aspects and hormone balance) is known to acupuncturists as Liver 4.  It is located where the top of... Read More