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Super Bowl 50 was played at 49ers’ Levi Stadium last Sunday.   Thirty-nine-year-old Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos beat 26-year-old Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, 24-10.  Von Miller of Denver’s defense was the MVP.  Peyton Manning had a Cinderella ending to an incredible career with his 200th win and second Super Bowl victory. The 49ers had a poor... Read More

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Uncomfortable using the word Hospice?
By Julie Ann Soukoulis

How often have we found ourselves having to address hospice, its philosophy and care options, with a family who is opposed to even hearing the word, let alone having us tell them or... Read More

Changing how we see ourselves
By Steven Campbell

What in the world does ‘think differently” mean?

Whenever an enthusiastic speaker challenges me to “think differently” at some convention or workshop, I find myself feeling a little irritated…and sometimes even mad!  Why?... Read More