Letters to the Editor
Questions over lawsuit
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The Community Voice
Your front-page article, “Lawsuit filed for asbestos at Sonoma State,” by Kayla Webster, left me with many questions about this serious lawsuit. The whole article seemed to have been written from the viewpoint of Mr. Sargent and his lawyers, with many quotes from Attorney Collier. I have to ask:  Did Ms. Webster request an interview or comment from the University to respond to the claims made in the lawsuit? A faculty member’s personal office test was used as an example, what about testing in classrooms or open areas, where more people are in a building? Who is doing the recent testing, if Mr. Sargent left the University two years ago? What is the actual purpose of this lawsuit, what does the lawsuit hope to achieve? A quote from Mr. Collier says…”Our lawsuit is about the university allowing unsafe working conditions to persist – thereby creating the risk of exposure.” “They refuse to test air vents...” What is the actual claim against the University?
I hope the Community Voice can follow up on this article to clarify what this person suing Sonoma State University hopes to achieve with an expensive lawsuit and at least contact SSU for a response to what was a one-sided article.
Thank you.