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Reader has advice for George Barich
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Reader has advice
For George Barich
The Community Voice:
Let me see here, Mr. George Barich wants to be back on the Cotati City Council. Really?
This old dog just doesn't know when to quit, does he? Mr. Barich, no one likes you. Yes, I could sit here and make a list for you, but you know the damage you have caused and the disgrace you have brought upon this city. Shame on you. Try leaving it alone for once. Oh, that’s right, you aren't smart enough to do such a thing. How could anyone in Cotati believe all of your BS.
You're a joke, and if you really do want to help this city, how about moving away?
Reader takes council candidate to task
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The Community Voice:
After reading the Sept. 19 Magnified, I have several questions.
When did the column become a forum for an election campaign?
Since when is an incumbent who has not yet quite completed his first full term in office a long-term incumbent?
Is the Rohnert Park City Council really out of touch with the people, when, working with all city departments, it has swung a badly out-of-whack city budget to a nearly balanced budget in a few years time? I’d say kudos to the council for accomplishing a very difficult feat.
Only one current council member was on the council at the time the (Memorandum of Understanding with the Graton Resort and Casino) MOU was approved, and he is not one of the two running in this election. So how could the candidates have voted on it?
And so what if the $3.6 million from Redwood Equities for purchase of the Crushers Stadium went into the general fund? It had nothing to do with sewer ponds.
At the time of the sales tax election, did Mr. Grundman read the explanation that was given for the unusual timing of the election? It was well publicized.
As for wasted money, wouldn’t it have been a terrible waste to hold an unnecessary election on approval/non-approval of the casino when it was a matter that was already out of the people’s hands (and the city council’s hands, for that matter)?
And a final question. How many Rohnert Park City Council meetings have Mr. and Mrs. Grundman attended in the 38 years they’ve lived here?
Vote only for Leff Brown for board
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The Community Voice:
I encourage everyone to vote only for Leffler Brown for school board. The other candidates are all nice people. Brown is the only candidate who truly understands the $50 million school budget.
Brown is the only current board member who asks difficult questions, especially about how the school board spends its money.
Brown has been active in this community for over 40 years. He was a prominent member of the Education Foundation in the 1980s. He chaired getting the $80 million bond passed in 1990. He has served 20 years as an active school board member.
While I have not agreed with everything that he has done on the school board, I admire Brown because he speaks his mind. He questions school district administrators.
He places his focus on improving schools for the benefit of the students.
Why only vote for Brown when you have three votes? The top three vote getters are elected. Every vote for another candidate diminishes the chance that Brown will win. Two other nice people will be elected. If we elect the other three candidates, we will have three nice people who want to serve the community.
However, we will have no one who will put the difficult questions to the district administrators. We will have no one who will speak up directly for the teachers as well as for the students.
Teachers who live in this community, whether or not you work for the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District, please cast only one vote for Brown. Stand together for what is best for education.
The Rohnert Park Cotati Educators Association, which represents me and all of the certificated employees of this school district, encourage everyone to vote for Brown and vote only once. This will help prevent the sort of debacle that occurred two years ago when anonymous robo-calls slandered Karyn Pulley and caused her to lose her seat on the school board.
Had we all voted only for Karyn Pulley, she would have garnered the most votes, and the message from the community would be that we want board members who speak out and ask questions and take stands that may go against the district administrators’ wishes. If Brown is not elected, there will be five nice people sitting on the board, five nice people who do not really understand the $50 million school budget, five nice people who will look to the district administrators and not to you for guidance.
Everyone, vote for Leff Brown, vote only for one school board member and vote for your voice.
Elected officials – they know best
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The Community Voice:
I’m writing this letter on two different subjects, but really just one theme – that elected government officials are honest and know what’s best for all of us ignorant adults.
First, a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy fired seven bullets into the chest of Andy Lopez who was walking down the road. You may suspect that Andy wants to seize a bus load of children and nuns to justify this killing. You would be wrong. An expert hired by the Sonoma County District Attorney says that Andy should die. That unbiased opinion must, by logical deduction, mean that this deputy sheriff is a hero.
The Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District placed signs calling for the passage of higher property taxes for new construction. ( Higher salaries for teachers is not mentioned. ) These signs must have been paid for by public tax funds and installed by public employees. The taxes to be paid to retire these bonds over many years will come to much higher than the face value of the bond issues.
We are slaves to Wall Street, and this wasn’t mentioned by their employers.
Brown best choice for CRPUSD board
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The Community Voice:
On Sept. 17, the Representative Council of the Rohnert Park Cotati Educators Association (RPCEA) voted to endorse Leffler Brown’s candidacy for school board.
Trustee Brown has a 20-year history of service on the school board. Trustee Brown has been a resident of Rohnert Park for more than 40 years, volunteering in youth sports leagues and scouts.
Additionally, he was one of the founding members of the Education Foundation of Cotati and Rohnert Park, an organization dedicated to bringing much-needed materials and supplies to our classrooms.
Leffler Brown is the only candidate that always asks questions during board meetings.
He is a wise steward of the public’s resources, often asking questions about the budget, spending and priorities. He is a former instructor at Sonoma State University, and has family members working in the teaching profession.
Leffler Brown understands what educators and students need, and he is the best choice for our community.
He has been dedicated to the students of Cotati and Rohnert Park for many years, and the educators in this community are proud to endorse Leffler Brown for school board.