Letters to the Editor
Supporting local businesses
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Thank you for reminding me about the Santa Rosa Gem & Mineral Show last weekend. For those looking for minerals year round and closer to home, Cotati has its own mineral and fossil guru. Joseph Rotstein with Redstone Minerals. Joseph has a huge selection at great prices. You can buy his crystals at Stones Throw in downtown Cotati. If what you want isn’t at the store, there’s a good chance he has it at his house, a couple minutes away. The store also has a selection of unusual minerals from Gypsy Gems in Lake County. This vendor, one of the few in the store not in Sonoma County, lost their home in the Valley Fire. Buying their crystals will help them to rebuild. Shop local and support the local economy.
Great opportunity
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I am a Rohnert Park resident who doesn’t feel the creation of a new city hall is a priority at this time.  I think that our city council has done a very good job, for the most part, in handling fiscal responsibility and operated in a sound business-like manner.   However, an important, actually critical aspect of city governing and operating a business is to keep your pulse on the needs of your citizens/clients.

As a small business owner myself, if I only focus on what “I think” my clients want and need, I will miss the mark far too often.  There are great folks on the council and I appreciate the time and effort they contribute to the betterment of our city.  However, this may be a great opportunity to ask your customers, the people you work for and those in essence that hired you, “what do you see as your most pressing needs at this time?”  You may get some interesting feedback.
I appreciate the two council members, Pam Stafford and Jake Mackenzie, resisting the urge to continue “business as usual” and remain hopeful that the council as a whole will re-examine this decision and use this as an opportunity to have the voices of our residents be included in this very important process. 

I’m a 40-year resident of Rohnert Park and proud father of two Rancho Cotate graduates.
New City Hall…Why?
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Recently the City Council voted to use the $6.2 million from the sale of Crusher baseball stadium property to build a new City Hall, even though the existing City Hall is only about 9 years old! The first question I asked myself was why? After a little digging I discovered there are only 30 city employees working at City Hall. This means if the new City Hall was constructed today at $6.2 million, the cost would be in excess of $200,000 per city employee. I also found that as recently as August 25, 2015 a report was made to the City Council that identified 26 major repair and/or replacement projects. Cost of those projects totaled in the millions of dollars. While bond money may be available to offset these costs, there is a possibility that other money would be needed to keep the City’s parks, roads, side walks, community centers, sports center, Spreckels Performing Arts Center and senior center open and safe for use by all city residents.
What is so special about a new city hall? How many times have you travelled to another city just to see their city hall? No. City Council we do not need a monument to city government. Best to rethink how to spend OUR money.

Thank you Council members Stafford and Mackenzie for opposing this waste of OUR money.