Higher numbers projected for next quarter because of money transfers and infrastructure improvements

As the Graton Resort and Casino approaches its one-year anniversary of opening, two reports were released at Rohnert Park City Council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 28, to reflect the Casino Mitigation Fund status. The report, given by Senior Analyst Bryce Atkins, was broken into two parts: the 2013-2014 year end update,... Read More

Piranhas cut times in Sebastopol

Significant accomplishments were achieved by Rohnert Park Piranha swimmers last weekend while competing in Sebastopol.

Alexis Lewis achieved her first two...Read More

How do you feel about dirty tactics in local elections?
Dirty tactics have been around since the beginning of time and are not going away, so I have no problem with them.
Mixed feelings...it would be nice if all politics were above board, but nasty tactics make political campaigns interesting.
Distortion of the truth, false accusations and political slander have no place in local elections and turn off the electorate.