Local photo goes to Washington
September 22, 2016 09:17 am
Emily Meltonís picture on display at Vice President Bidenís residence

A photograph by Emily Melton, of Rohnert Park, is on display at Vice President Joe Biden’s residence in Washington, D.C., along with images from nine other kids from across the country as part of a new collaboration between National Geographic Kids and Dr. Jill Biden, second lady of the United... Read More

Cougars fight hard but fall to Antioch

Now, Rancho Cotate High’s football team can get back to playing a simple little football game. Normal had no relationship...Read More

Are you offended by 49ers' QB not standing for the national anthem?
Yes, he should not disrespect those who died for our country.
No, he has the right to protest however he feels. This is America.
I think this issue is overblown and don't care about it that much.