The Wealth of Health
Don’t stress, clench or grind!  

By George Malkemus

Grinding or clenching the teeth is an unhealthy habit called bruxism. Bruxism is an unconscious habit that affects over 50 percent of the population, often causing damage and pain to the teeth, the facial muscles... Read More

Golly! RP Town Hall July 7 has a lot on its platter

By Jud Snyder

ROHNERT PARK’S CITY COUNCIL’S doing the right thing by holding a Town Hall meeting Tuesday July 7 in the big meeting room of the public library. Hours are 5:30 to 7:30 pm, although the council... Read More

Social Security: The Elephant in the Room
By Ken Weise

For most Americans, Social Security has represented nothing more than some unavoidable payroll deduction with the positively cryptic initials of “FICA” and “OASDI” (Federal insurance Contributions Act and Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance). It... Read More

Refinancing: what to expect if you’re rusty on the financials
By Scott Sheldon


Homeowners who have not taken out a mortgage in a few years are often astonished at the amount of paperwork they’ll need in the mortgage loan process. If you have not refinanced in the last... Read More

Mind Body and Spirit
What to do when you just can’t…quite…do it

By Steven Campbell

All of us have some dreams that will never come true. 

And when we finally admit that to ourselves, we feel the disappointment…and the pain. 

You read about the minor league ballplayers who never make it to... Read More

California Focus
Nurse Practitioners: a boon for underserved areas

By Thomas D. Elias


 Let nurse practitioners in California have almost all the authority that doctors now possess, urges the state Senate via a proposed law it has already cleared.

If this bill passes the Assembly unchanged and then is... Read More