City Manager Update
City manager touts actions geared toward improving RP

By Darrin Jenkins

Working together to build a better community for today and tomorrow – that’s the mission of your city government. Like many mission statements, it sounds good. But it doesn’t mean much unless city employees and... Read More

You don’t like someone? Call ‘em a politician

By Jud Snyder

I WOULD THINK THE FACT that Rohnert Park will not have a city council election this November will have the impact on citizens like the wispy effect of a bird feather floating to settle on... Read More

California Focus
How should our schools act with next terror threat?

By Thomas D. Elias

At about 5 a.m. last Dec. 15, just about eight months ago, the 83-year-old then-superintendent of America’s second-largest school district was awoken with the news that Los Angeles public schools were threatened with an attack... Read More