The Wealth of Health
Cultures differ on what makes a beautiful smile

By George Malkemus

Straight white teeth are the mark of beauty in our American Hollywood culture. Other cultures have different views of dental beauty.  The white craze has not hit Europe yet.  Natural off-white is still the norm... Read More

RP’s new city hall lone rider on dead end track

By Jud Snyder

NOBODY ASKED ME BUT you have to give credit to Rohnert Park’s City Council when at last week’s meeting, they evaded any discussion on their split decision to use city-owned property sale profits to build... Read More

Spotlight on Seniors
Better organization can help families make time for seniors

By Julie Ann Soukoulis

Juggling the demands of daily life can be particularly difficult for family caregivers. If you’re caring for an older adult, you may need extra help. Fall is such a busy family time with school and... Read More

Buying vs. leasing a car
By Ken Weise

Some people approach buying a car like they approach marriage, “till death do us part.” Others prefer to keep their options open, trading in every few years for the latest body style, the hottest technology... Read More

The recent mortgage guideline changes that could save your loan
By Scott Sheldon

The challenges consumers have faced in recent years in procuring a mortgage may be coming to an end. Here are four major changes making your mortgage easier…

Landlord history

Until recently, in order to qualify for conventional... Read More

Mind Body and Spirit
It’s resentment….or compassion The only middle ground is numbness

By Steven Campbell

Many unions end “not with a bang, but a whimper.”  Their final rupture is not caused by too much anger or abuse or infidelity. They die a slow death from too little compassion.

Many years ago,... Read More

California Focus
Tail wags dog again as election season begins in earnest

By Thomas D. Elias

There has been a lot of loud talk and hyperbole during the preliminaries to next year’s presidential election. But with the political season now on in earnest, it’s fast becoming clear that for the 11th... Read More