Let’s put Downtown RP on the Nov. 2015 ballot

By Jud Snyder

SO THIS GUY STOPS ME outside of Raley’s and says, “Yeah, I’m in favor of a Rohnert Seed Farm demonstration garden, in fact I’m in favor of putting Rohnert’s flowers in all of that gravelly... Read More

Spotlight on Seniors
New drug holds promise for treating eye condition

By Julie Ann Anderson


Spotlight on seniors 

While research continues in the battle to overcome macular degeneration, it’s clear that many senior loved ones can live on their own with the disease if they receive assistance from a family member... Read More

A brief history of estate taxes
By Ken Weise

A brief history of estate taxes

Tip: Regardless of your net worth, it’s critical to understand your choices when developing an estate strategy.

Federal estate taxes have been a source of funding for the federal government almost... Read More

Using APR to distinguish between mortgage offers
By Scott Sheldon

Everyone wants to know they’re getting a fair and reasonable mortgage offer. The federal government supports the annual percentage rate disclosure as the benchmark barometer of loan cost. Here are the facts…

Quick APR Tidbits

The annual... Read More

Mind Body and Spirit
The three minute therapy

By Steven Campbell

Most people think that our feelings come from what happens, or has happened to us. When good things happen, we usually feel fine. If bad things happen, we feel bad. So…we spend a lot of... Read More

California Focus
“When a fine is only half a fine?”

By Thomas D. Elias

Only minutes after an announcement that the California Public Utilities Commission would fine the state’s largest utility company $1.6 billion for violating state and federal gas pipeline safety standards, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said... Read More