Rohnert Park embezzler gets nine-year sentence
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A Rohnert Park man on Nov. 20 was sentenced to nine years, four months in jail after being convicted of embezzlement.
John C. Sheehan, 43, embezzled more than $1 million from his former employer, Bibbero Systems Inc. of Petaluma.

He embezzled $1,189,509 from Bibbero by creating a fake business vendor and submitting false invoices to the company.
Those invoices were paid and deposited into a false business account linked to his personal account.

He then transferred funds from the false business account into his personal account.

Sheehan used thousands of dollars to remodel his Rohnert Park home, buying expensive cars, eating out and taking lavish vacations to such spots as Las Vegas and the Cayman Islands.

“We’re pleased this thief has been held accountable and will serve a just sentence in prison,” Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch said. “We’re also mindful that no sentence can repair the violation of trust and lasting impact to this business, its owners and those community members who lost their jobs while Sheehan secretly bilked these funds to simply maintain his lavish lifestyle.”

At the sentencing hearing, numerous employees of Bibbero Systems addressed the court and confronted their former colleague by recounting the financial and emotional injuries he caused them and the company.

Sheehan made a short statement of apology to the court following the emotional statements of victim impact.

As part of his sentence, Sheehan was ordered to repay $1,189,509 to victim Bibbero Systems Inc., and to surrender one Mercedes Benz, as well as some cash he had tried to hide with a tenant and friend, and some televisions and computer equipment, which he had used embezzled funds to purchase.

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