July 21, 2018
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Where'd that beautiful bench come from?

October 27, 2008
On October 14, Circle of Sisters facilitator from the St. Joseph Health System-Sonoma County, Chris Bongardt, three volunteers and 30 girls from Mountain Shadows Circle of Sisters supported the efforts of C-CORP (Concerned Citizens of Rohnert Park) and painted benches in B Section. The purpose was to help B Section residents continue to beautify their neighborhood by painting the bus stop benches at the corner of Adrian Drive and Bonnie Avenue. In the past these benches were constantly being graffitied, but two years ago COS painted these benches for the first time. The art and creativity of the girls added some color and liveliness to the benches and neighborhood. Most importantly the benches were never disturbed. Circle of Sisters is a free after school group in Sonoma County for girls ages 10-14. The girls often do community service as part of the program. Next week, for Make a Difference Week, over 100 COS girls will be working together with Vida Jones to make quilts for the homeless. Circle of Sisters is a program of St. Joseph Health System-SC. This project was possible thanks to the support of C-CORP and Barbara Denlis, Director for Neighborhood Preservation Program of Rohnert Park.